The Cost of Casual Clothes

Men's Clothing vs Women's Clothing

As you can see, when it comes to buying the same article of clothing, women are usually charged more than men. 

Difference in the Cost of Men's Clothes vs Women's Clothes Based on Type of Garment.

This graph shows the cost of men's clothes comapred to women's clothe sbased on type of garment. 

Many studies and comparisons have shown that on average, women’s clothes cost more than men’s clothes. When hundreds of items were analyzed, women’s items were on average 37% more expensive.[1] Though part of the problem can be explained by the fact that women's manufactured goods are subjected to higher tariff rates (the pink tax), there is a much simpler explanation: retailers charge more for women’s clothes because they can. We live in a day in age where the way in which a woman looks and dresses is important to a woman’s success. Therefore, women are willing to spend more because they put such a high value on clothing and appearance. 

The difference in clothing prices isn’t the only way in which women pay the price for style. As mentioned previously, women’s clothing is often very thin, which makes purchasing multiple layers a necessity.[2] Women’s clothing is also much more revealing than men’s clothes which only adds to this issue. Women must also wear bras, which in some cases can cost just as much money as the rest of the clothing you are wearing. The issue isn’t just that women care more, but it’s also that women have very little choice, which allows them to be taken advantage of.   



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