History of Chicana Feminism

American history has taught the people a surface level explanation of feminism, excluding most contributions made from minority groups. Shown here are the underappreciated contributions of Latina feminists of the 20th century and how they were able to navigate through societal obstacles. Latina women in particular are known to have faced social barriers and continue to do so in many areas of American society. Twentieth century Latina feminist movements, especially during the Chicana Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, are primary examples of efforts made by minority groups other than elite, middle-class white women. There are many key figures who pushed for Latina rights such as Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the 1962 United Farm Workers organization. Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez was also a Chicana feminist, who was a strong leader in the start of the Chicana Movement. Overall, this exhibit shows how Latina women have fought for equality and have been overlooked by the concept of second wave feminism. The goal is in understanding how feminism is broad and diverse. This will show the experiences that Latina women faced and their influence on achieving true equality for all. 

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