Susan Meiselas' Photography

Susan Meiselas's photography is controversial and therefore censored. Her work in Latin American wars and 9/11 coverage have established her as an influential and well-known photographer yet her early work is also important. This work is primarily focused on New York in which the purpose was to establish the female figure as a sexual being. During the 1970s, she attempted to show young adolescents in New York (fully clothed) posing in a rebellious manner and wearing thigh clothes which were quite indecent for the period. She then photographed a wide range of strippers and prostitutes that worked in carnivals. In some of the pictures, she is attempting to mimic poses that are seen in famous paintings [1]. Some of the pictures shown here also address females in the south with the same dynamic as previously explored by Vivian Maier.

After School Prince St

JoJo, Carol and Lisa on the corner of Prince and Mott Streets

Susan Meiselas Pebbles

On the A Train to Rockaway Beach

Dee and Lisa on Mott Street

Roseann on A train

Train to Rockaway

Susan Meiselas 1974

Susan Meiselas 1976

Susan Meiselas Shorty

Susan Meiselas Carnival

Susan Meiselas Carnival Woman

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[1] Parsons, Sarah. Photography after Photography: Gender, Genre, History. pg. 98. Duke University Press, 2017.

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