Vogue "Fashion Plus" Campaing

The Vogue campaign was an initiative to create body awareness of other body types in the fashion industry. The campaign started in 1986 with its initial magazine section “Fashion Plus” and was followed by multiple sections that were published in a period of two years. It was discontinued due to its ineffectiveness in creating a market for plus-size females among recognized brands as designers were not interested in producing plus-size models [1]. A significant aspect is the fact that these models are skinnier compared to our modern plus-size models; showing how strict the standards of beauty were back then. As of now, the plus-size industry is in constant growth and it encompasses a significant portion of the female population. Most important, is the fact that it is being received by society and opening opportunities for other types of models and bodies in current times. Nonetheless, this section is a tribute to a radical but necessary section in the fashion industry and its role in creating female standards of bodies.

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[1] Peters, Lauren Downing. “‘Fashion Plus’: Pose and the Plus-Size Body in Vogue, 1986-1988.” Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture 21, no. 2 (2016): 175–99.

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