Call to Action: What Happens "Overtime"

          Athletics have always been deemed a man's game and in order to crawl out of the hole that homogenous masculinity has dug for women in athletics, there is a lot more to be done. New laws, House of Representative hearings, and Title IX are not enough to break through the barrier that women in athletic leadership face. In order to have equal representation among head coaches, women need to be placed in athletic director positions. In order to gain said roles, the men in charge need to see the achievement, qualifications, and skills women bring to the workplace, but in order to build an athletic resume, women need head coaching and other managerial positions. In order for women of color to have equal representation off the field (even though they make up the majority of players on the field), discrimination against black women in athletics must end. More specifically black women are powerhouses of college athletics and need to be strides taken in order to build up an association that puts women of color in charge off of the field. Finally, in order for women to gain equal pay, the funding provided to sports needs to equal. And in order to do so, the mainstream media and sports fans alike must work overtime to break the barrier created by a society that sees athletics as a “man's game.”  

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