Other Contributions in the Movement

     Although Huerta and Chavez are well known in the movement, there were other Chicana feminists that took on leadership roles in their perspective communities such as Magda Ramirez-Castaneda. Her interest in labor justice started with a strong upbringing with her Father as an 1950s organizer in Mexico City and once in America, she participated in various organizations for the Chicano Student Movement  (Ramírez-Castañeda et al.). She grows to present her activism in Chicago and becomes the bilingual assistant of Albert Raby in order to present Latinos in the community (Ramírez-Castañeda et al.).

     The overshadowing of Latina history occurs because of the elite, white women narratives majorly told to the people. Chicanas have an extra burden above just their ethnicity but also their gender, and socio-economic class. The history of Latina feminism has provided an important foundation for future generations in the fight for equal rights. This is a presentation of the key events and important Latina activists whose stories are often eclipsed by the those of men and elite, white women. This brings to light the present gaps in our historical narratives that has failed to recognize how diverse feminism is.

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