Title IX

In recent years, women college students began utilizing the protections provided by Title IX as a way to fight back against sexual assault and harassment. With the onset of social media being used as a tool for women to connect, many young women have been able to band together during the fourth wave of feminism and talk openly about their abuses. This is just one of the many ways that younger women have been reclaiming the dialogue surrounding sex, and expanding on existing laws to further protect themselves. College women have taken the forefront of the conversation about sex in an attempt to reshape the current harmful culture of sexual abuse that exists on college campuses. This connects to the greater conversation about sex as it provides an extensive overview of one way that young women are changing the current discourse surrounding sex that exists in society today, and in this case focusing on the current sexual dynamics that exist on college campuses. Sources utilized in this discussion come from academic journals in the humanities and social sciences, as well as newspaper articles. These sources focus on defining Title IX, ways that it could be applied to campus sexual harassment and assault scenarios, how college campuses educate students on consent and Title IX, and finally the impact that using Title IX has had on the opinions of students and faculty. This research is being approached from an analytical viewpoint and will act as a literature review where each source is explained and placed into the different subcategories, and ending with a broader discussion of how this information can be used in the future. The subcategories of this section will be: Title IX Guidelines and Procedures, Student Education on Title IX and Consent, Student and Faculty Opinions About Title IX, and Further Discussion. 

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