Year(s) of The Woman

1992 was known as the “Year of The Women” because it was the first dramatic turn around for women in politics. The significant increase of women presence was not only on the front though, as they were the building blocks behind many decisions that year. As outlined in a magazine depicting 1992, “scratch the political surface and you'll find that women were everywhere, behind the scenes and often in key spots.”[6] The women in 1992 changed their perspective towards themselves and as they were becoming managers, fundraisers, directors, and strategists they were altering the bias and stereotypes prescribed to them. This was a huge change for how they were viewed and proved to the voters, other candidates, and population that they were capable of so much more. 

Similar to 1992, the year 2018 became known as the second “Year of The Women.” This year is where the US saw more women playing a role in elections than ever before in history. The voter choice was less interrupted by gender stereotypes this year even though there was still a large effect on stereotypes on the outcomes in the elections. Additionally, more women were voting, therefore destroying room for gender bias to be as prominent. This year created hope for the future of women in politics, as they stated at the time, the “presence of so many women in government at the national level will have important effects on policy but it may also have longer-term effects. Advocates for more women in politics hope that even the women who lost will stay in the game and run again, thus continuing to grow the number of women in office”. [7] When there is a continuous fight and appearance of women in elections, others will begin to realize the power they can have and understand they are more than the traditional roles they used to have. Also occurring in 2018, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) was elected as the youngest congress women member of the U.S. House of Representatives going against a man in the running. AOC has made many accomplishments that help others view women as strong and powerful individuals who possess equal skills in politics. Many of the things she has overcome serve as proof that while there are stereotypes based on women, it is possible to be there too.

More Influential Women

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has accomplished many political positions in the United States. She has been known for how she was the first Republican woman vice presidential nominee, and additonally the second vice presidential nominee for a major party after earlier mentioned, Geraldine Ferraro. 

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice has multiple labels under her name for all of the political and educational advances she has made. She was recently one of the highest ranking African American females in U.S. history until Kamala Harris became vice president. 

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician that is a member of the Democratic party. She is the only female in American history that has been able to perform as the speaker of the House. She is also the second women in the presidential line of succession. 

Jeanette Rankin

Jeanette Rankin is an American politician where she was unique for becoming the first woman to hold federal office in the United States. She was also elected to The House of Representatives which shows the progress of voter choice ignoring gender stereotypes.


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